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According to Google, “Google Safe Browsing helps protect over three billion devices every day by showing warnings to users when they attempt to access dangerous websites or download potentially infected files. Today, half of world’s online population is protected by Safe Browsing”

Are you sure your website is safe to browse? Use G-SAFE, a free cPanel WHM plugin that alerts you whenever your site is listed “Unsafe” by Google.


  • Automates Google Safebrowsing check. Get prompt alerts when your website is listed “Unsafe”.
  • Availability of WHM plugin - Server owners and resellers can configure all the domains or a specific set of domains.
  • Availability of cPanel plugin – cPanel users can use the plugin to check and configure their domains from cPanel.
  • History – The plugin keeps track of all the previous checks for references.


You need to log in as root and run the following command on the server

wget -qO- |sh

If the installation completes successfully, you can access its interface from WHM > Plugins > G-safe Browsing. Same time in cPanel > Metrics > G-safe Browsing

Yes, you can use the cPanel plugin G-safe Browsing to scan addon/parked domains separately.

Yes, a mail address of your choice can be set for sending notification email in the settings tab.

Of course. You can schedule scans on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly setting from the Settings tab of both WHM or cPanel.

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