In the older days, there were two parts in a software release and management, “Dev” – who takes care of the birth of a product, and “Ops” – who takes care of the product after its birth. But with the advent of new technologies and Agile Frameworks, we have got a new set of people with new skill set and they started getting called DevOps. There are DevOps devs and DevOps ops and DevOps who have both skill sets and do some of both.

IT industry has witnessed the arise of new mechanisms and practices arises for rapid IT service delivery. DevOps activates people to collaborate between engineering team and operations. At SysAlly we make use of different Tools in the commission of these principles. In the DevOps world there’s been an explosion of tools in release (Jenkins, Travis, Teamcity), configuration management (Puppet, Chef, Ansible, cfengine), orchestration (Zookeeper, Noah, Mesos), monitoring, virtualization and containerization (AWS, OpenStack, Vagrant, Docker) and many more.

Different Stages we go through to establish DevOps practices

  • Discovery of the current state of IT
  • Standardization of tools and processes
  • Continuous iteration and improvement, including choosing the metrics that are right for your organization
  • Implementing business strategy through technical innovation
  • Version control and peer review of code
  • Configuration management
  • Continuous integration
  • Monitoring
  • Automated testing and deployment

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